About Nearbuy Systems

Nearbuy – multichannel shopper analytics and micro-location.At Nearbuy, we believe that the smartphone is the game-changer of the early 21st century for the retail industry. If you’re a shopper with smartphone, the Internet is everywhere - including the aisles of any brick-and-mortar store.

Our Mission

The Nearbuy mission is to help retailers build competitive advantage in the new world of omnichannel shopping. We see smartphones not as a threat to traditional retailing but as a critical new opportunity: to drive sales by creating high-touch, personalized shopping experiences that cross channels.

Our Approach

The Nearbuy founding team brings a strong background in developing technologies for wireless networking and the mobile Internet. We also have decades of experience working with global retailers. Considering the potential impact of mobile on the shopping experience along with the realities of the retail environment, we have designed our solutions to meet retailers’ practical needs at a cost that makes business sense.

Our Company

Nearbuy introduces the same level of actionable data to in-store shopping that web analytics brought to the online channel. Leveraging your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, Nearbuy gives you a fast and powerful way to engage valuable omnichannel shoppers with opt-in guest WiFi, create a single view of their behavior across channels, and influence them while they are in your stores.

Nearbuy is one of the first companies to build solutions that cross the mobile-to-store channel divide. We deliver a fresh set of insights into omnichannel shopper behavior.

  • Unlike other in-store analytics solutions that simply track flow, Nearbuy captures both online and physical data so you can understand the omnichannel path to purchase
  • Because Nearbuy can enable one-time shopper opt-in, you have a way to identify who your omnichannel shoppers are when they enter the store and reach them with proactive service and in-store personalization
  • With the Nearbuy API, you can use in-store behavioral data to create the next-generation omnichannel shopping experience
  • Nearbuy’s cloud-based delivery model and support for multiple wireless LAN vendors enable our solutions to scale efficiently to all of your locations. You don’t have to purchase, install, and maintain proprietary beacons, sensors, or other dedicated devices.
  • Retailers own all of their behavioral data and control who has access to it, unlike third-party mobile shopping solutions.

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