Nearbuy Micro-Location

Nearbuy Pinpoints Location in the Store

Nearbuy delivers real-time location information with aisle-level accuracy for people carrying any mobile device. Deployed in your stores, our LocalEyes technology provides micro-location data to:

To date, indoor location solutions have come with limited accuracy or high cost. Wireless networking solutions can calculate location using data from WiFi access points (APs), but technology limitations, multipath, and physical obstructions such as shelving decrease accuracy to a point where it does not meet most business requirements. Other indoor location solutions such as RFID, Bluetooth, or Zigbee are only financially viable in niche application scenarios because they require the purchase and installation of expensive infrastructure.

LocalEyes: the first micro-location technology that is accurate, real-time, and affordable

Nearbuy is the only solution that can track location within one meter using data from infrastructure that retailers already have in place. There are no sensors or beacons to install. There is no software that must be deployed to thousands of wireless access points. Just put our appliance in the store’s wiring closet and you are ready to go.

Web-based Interface for Micro-Location Analytics

Headquarters executives and store managers access micro-location analytics through role-based dashboards. Nearbuy’s analytics give them:

  • A complete picture of multi-channel shopping patterns. Nearbuy is the only analytics solution that links in-store activities with guest WiFi analytics, in real-time.
  • Role-based views, giving retailers full control over access to and ownership of data
  • A standards-based API to incorporate multichannel shopping data into enterprise business intelligence

For more information, download our Micro-Location Datasheet.