Engage Omnichannel Shoppers

Guest Wi-Fi Service Creates a Relationship with Omnichannel Shoppers

Nearbuy Guest Wi-Fi for Omnichannel Retail – engage omnichannel shoppersOmnichannel shoppers are one of your most valuable customer segments; research shows that they are more likely to purchase and spend more. Guest Wi-Fi is an attractive way to engage these shoppers as they look for product information and “socialize” the shopping experience using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. With poor cellular coverage in many shopping centers and increasingly restrictive data plans, omnichannel shoppers are eager to take advantage of Wi-Fi whenever possible.

We Make It Fast and Easy

However, your window for persuading shoppers to join your network is very short – often just a few seconds after they start using their devices. Nearbuy offers a simple, one-time registration process that’s ideal for the retail environment and supports automated reconnection at all of your stores. Our guest Wi-Fi experience operates consistently and seamlessly across your stores.

We Make It Simple for Business and IT

Business people create customized welcome pages, hosted in the cloud, through which shoppers can opt-in to your terms of service; shoppers join once and reconnect automatically every time that they enter one of your stores. Once shoppers are on the network, the solution captures data for our rich analytics, depending on the terms of the privacy policy you put in place.

A Platform for Deepening Shopper Relationships

Nearbuy’s guest Wi-Fi delivers a service that your shopper demands, and one that keeps them in the store longer. By creating this superior omnichannel shopping experience, you gain opportunities to encourage your shoppers to share more information about themselves and deliver a more personalized shopping experience inside and outside the store.